Allan Parker lives in Elsdon, one of Porirua City's inner suburbs. He achieved local fame in October 2006 in an article on the front page of the region's oldest weekly newspaper.

His message to PoriruaEdit

Hi Everyone,
Not only do I wish to find a Porirua resident to attempt the skateboard world record, I also want to develop skateboarding as a sport.

To this end I am looking for talented skaters both male and female with the goal of putting together the Justified competition skate team.

Then there are the novice skaters that I wish to develop by ensuring they get the experience and skills to compete successfully in skateboarding.

Whoever wants to become involved are most welcome, I know that there are a lot of talented people here in Porirua.

I am not seeking fame or glory for myself, I just want to promote the sport of skateboarding and give everyone the opportunity to compete whatever their level.

Thanks for reading this,

Allan Parker

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