ALT TV is a New Zealand broadcast, privately owned and operated 24 hour live-to-air music TV channel on SKY Digital 65.

ALT TV's current slogan is 'Know Good Television.' Their previous slogan was 'Actual Music Television.'

Created by Thane Kirby (founder of George FM) and Ricky Newby (creator of Deep Hard 'n Funky), it was launched on UHF channel 62 on November 14 2005. The television station also debuted on SKY Digital Channel 36 on Friday, December 1, 2006, moving to SKY Digital Channel 65 on March 1, 2007.


ALT TV caters for the alternative demographic which some consider a response to the growing commercialism in other New Zealand Music channels such as C4 and MTV. ALT TV supports niche musical genres and is into alternative rock, indie, old school rap & hip-hop, heavy metal, blues, soul, funk, jazz, alt country, punk, hard rock, glam rock, 80's, house, drum n bass and classic rock.

ALT TV supports New Zealand music and features a high degree of unsigned and amateur content, including interviews, music videos and features of unsigned local bands. ALT TV is known for its intentionally unprofessional and unpolished style which is a common feature amongst most of their volunteer presenters and crew members. Local bands can have their music played by sending their videos to ALT TV's studio, located at 171a Karangahape Road, Auckland.

At last count ALT TV has around 200,000 monthly viewers and growing monthly, with currently around 50 live to air shows, the highest number of live content in New Zealand. In March 2008 they kicked off their search for a confident topless news anchor to host their upcoming Marquis Condoms' Naked News Flash show for 3 months.

The New Zealand Professional Wrestling promotion, Impact Pro Wrestling currently airs their weekly show, IPW IGNITION Friday nights at 10:05 pm on ALT TV.

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