Charles Bertram Bailey (c1912-2009) was a notable and highly respected resident of Plimmerton and well-known to New Zealand parliamentarians. He died on 4 December 2009, four days after the death of his wife. The Dominion Post said he was "calm, measured and a perfect gentlem[a]n".

Marriage and daughtersEdit

In 1940 Bert married Doris Lilian Hatcher ("Dot"). They had three daughters:

  1. Joy, who married local farmer and All Black Ken Gray
  2. Fay, who married local lawyer Peter Harrison
  3. Claire

Their 69-year marriage was very happy. At the funeral, his daughter Joy said "Dad died as he lived, with little fuss, making things easy for everyone ... a double funeral. In the end, this is what he wanted. Once Mum went, he wanted to go, too. In fact, theirs was an incredible love story. ... While they were never 'gushy', I always felt Mum and Dad needed and loved each other and, if one went, the other would not be far behind."[1]


Bert became manager of Bellamy's, the catering service at Parliament.

After retiring from the public service, Bert spent some years as manager of the upmarket Wellesley Club, not far from Parliament in central Wellington City.

Local organisationsEdit

During the first few years of marriage, Bert was superintendent of the Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade.


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