FPP means the First Past the Post voting system. It does not actually mean "first past the post" because there is no post. It means "ahead when the whistle blows". The winner could have a small minority support and be elected merely because other candidates had even less.

It is simple to vote with and simple to count, but can give a result widely divergent from what most voters really want.

"Splitting the vote" is one common criticism. If three left-wing candidates stand and only one right-wing candidate stands, the latter could win with 26% support and 74% bitter opposition.

Many countries have therefore instituted other systems, such as:

  • STV (Single Transferable Vote) and a limited form of that, Preferential Voting
  • Proportional Voting
  • Mixtures of the above, such as the New Zealand Parliamentary MMP (Mixed Member Proportional)

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