These indicative timetables are to illustrate how some of the train services being sought by Get the Train might work. (The services shown here do not necessarily reflect the precise wishes of Get the Train or its members.)


Long distance passenger trains and local passenger trains have both been sucessful in the past, then became seen as less viable, then political decisions were made to discontinue them.

Solution: combined commuter/long distance trainsEdit

A long-distance train leaving town at about when most people are turning up to work could provide for commuters on its way to the city to pick up tourist/leisure travellers.

Just to show what is possible, here is an indicative timetable for a train stabled overnight in Oamaru, providing a commuter service to and from Dunedin. The timings are based on the old Southerner timetable, with a few 'made-up' in between (a modern railcar should meet these timings easily, or be able to make more stops).

Oamaru 0545

Palmerston 0645

Warrington 0745

Evansdale 0748

Waitati 0752

Michies Crossing 0754

Purakaunui 0759

Mihiwaka 0800

Port Chalmers Upper 0805

Sawyers Bay 0807

Maia 0809

Ravensbourne 0811

Logan Park/Campus/Otago Stadium 0813

Dunedin arr 0815

Dunedin dep 0817

Kensington (for South Dunedin) 0819

Burnside 0824

Green Island 0826

Mosgiel 0835

Milton 0905

Balclutha 0930

Gore 1040

Mataura 1052

Edendale 1103

Invercargill 1125

Bluff 1200

As you can see, there is enough free time during the day for the train to continue to Bluff (for tourist traffic) and back in time for the evening commute north to Oamaru again:

Bluff 1350


Edendale 1456

Mataura 1508

Gore 1522

Balclutha 1628

Milton 1651

Mosgiel 1723

Dunedin 1748

Palmerston 1912

Oamaru 2010

If there were a second train available, you can imagine how a similar service could provide for commuters from Balclutha/Milton/Mosgiel, then provide a tourist/leisure service north out of Dunedin, say to Oamaru. This could incorporate the Seasider train service. (Unfortunately it is impossible to get to Christchurch and back during the working day):

Balclutha 0728

Milton 0751

Mosgiel 0823

Dunedin 0848

Palmerston 1012

Oamaru arrive: 1110

Oamaru depart: 1515

Palmerston 1614

Dunedin 1746

Mosgiel 1804

Milton 1836

Balclutha 1900


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