The IBCP was a joke party in NZ and Oz in the 90s.

It was started in Christchurch by the self-styled Wizard of NZ, one of its aims being to protest at the "distinct lack of culture" in Christchurch.

Sadly, it never got anywhere and was wound up.

There is a brief article on Wikipedia in English and New Norwegian, a language invented around 1850 based on West Norwegian country dialects. This seems appropriately bizarre.

Apart from the Wizard, its main personality was Cecil G Murgatroyd, a self-described dole bludger, who died tragically early at 43 (1958-2001) in a promising career, having stood for election several times in Oz. But they preferred boring old Labor and Liberal/Country. But maybe the PUP (Palmer's Australian Party)will wake 'em up.

See also Bill & Ben Party


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