Kellie Hailes (known as "Kels" or "Kells" to best friends and "Kellie Renee Watkinson" to officialdom) lives in New Zealand with a neurotic black-and-white cat, a daughter, and (since February 2010) a flower-buying husband on an island in Auckland that is not really an island.

When her kitchen is tidy she writes romantic novels set in England. The first three formed a series based in the fictional Devonshire town of Rabbits Leap (not "Rabbit's Leap", despite some advertisers' and a reviewer's statements).

Recreation includes cheese, coffee (or tea when poorly), short walks, and refreshing "Twitter". Likes weather, gardening, and bright orange and dislikes mushrooms and many sporting activities. Extended family includes sisters Queenslander Nicole Patricia Middleton (known as "Cole") and Christchurch resident Amy Hailes along with Christchurch resident Richard Hailes (born October 1958) and London residents Chris Hailes and Pete Hailes.

By January 2019, despite four published novels and a short story or two. she had not become the subject of a Wikipedia article. So you read it here first.

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