Although the evidence is rare, fossils reveal that there were dinosaurs in New Zealand. Possibly because it lacks the right conditions for fossilisation, only fragments of bone and a few vertebrae have been found there. Because these fossils are only a single bone or a piece of a bone, the dinosaurs' species cannot be identified, but by comparing the fossils with others it can be seen which family or order a given fossil belonged to. Marine fossils are more common than fossils of land animals in New Zealand because dead animals and plants are easily preserved in sand and mud. Therefore, some fossils of large marine reptiles are nearly complete, and so can be identified to species.

Non Avian DinosaursEdit

  1. Compsognathid
  2. Titanosaur
  3. ornithopod-possibly iguanodontian
  4. theropod
  5. unknown dinosaur-possibly ankylosaur
  6. Ankylosaur
  7. Joan Wiffen's theropod-possibly megaraptoran
  8. unknown dinosaur-possibly small ornithopod
  9. Allosauroid
  10. Theropod
  11. Sauropod
  12. Sauropod
  13. Ornithomimosaur
  14. blablasaurs

Note that Cryolophosaurus 20 foot long Allosaurus like theropod lived near New Zealand. However it cannot be added in the list since it did not lived there.

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