The following is a list of famous people who were born or lived in Palmerston North, and people who spent significant periods of their lives living in the central Manawatu area.

Journalists, photojournalists, writers, cartoonists, poets, authors, playwrights, screen writers, film directors, film producers, critics, etcEdit

Politicians, public servants, public officeholders, etcEdit

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Artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, architects,etcEdit

Jack Cantlon

Actors, dancers, comedians, performers, models, broadcasters, commercial spokespersons, television presenters/hosts, etcEdit

Miscellaneous celebrities, beauty pageant winners, cheesecake models, etcEdit

Singers, musicians, composers, songwriters, conductors, etcEdit

  • PNC (rapper)
  • Allen Gregg (bass player, The Mutton Birds)
  • Nigel Keay (composer)
  • Benny Tipene (3rd Place X-Factor NZ 2013 - Musician)

Soldiers, sailors, etcEdit

Athletes, coaches, etcEdit

Businesspeople, entrepreneurs, etc.Edit

Activists, philanthropists, do-gooders, public agitators, advocates, lawyers, etcEdit

Scholars, scientists, historians, theorists, philosophers, opinionists, etcEdit

Educators, lecturers, motivational speakers, self-help gurus, etcEdit


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