The New Zealand Labour Party
President: Peter Goodfellow
Leader: Bill English
Deputy Leader: Paula Bennett
Founded: 1936
Ideology: Conservatism, Classical liberalism
Political Position: Centre-right
Colour/s: Blue
Representation: 59/121

The New Zealand National Party (Māori: Rōpū Nāhinara) is a centre-right New Zealand political party, and one of the two major parties in New Zealand politics. The party was founded in 1936 on the merger of the United and Reform parties, making it the nation's second-oldest existing political party. Since November 2008, National has been the incumbent governing party, forming a minority government with support from three minor parties.

Leaders Edit

Image Name Tenure
Adam Hamilton
Adam Hamilton 1936-1940
Sidney Holland
Sidney Holland 1940-1957
Keith Holyoake
Keith Holyoake 1957-1972
Jack Marshall 1972-1974
Robert Muldoon 1974-1984
Jim McLay
Jim McLay 1984-1986
Jim Bolger
Jim Bolger 1986-1997
Jenny Shipley
Jenny Shipley 1997-2001
Bill English
Bill English 2001-2003
Don Brash
Don Brash 2003-2006
John Key
John Key 2006-2016
Bill English
Bill English 2016-
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