Start buying KiwiStamps! Their value will rise about 20% on 1 October if you buy them at 50c each before then.

From 1 October, New Zealand Post will charge (inclusive of 15% GST) for letters:

  • Medium (which is KiwiSpeak meaning the smallest size): 60c by Standard Post, $1.20 by FastPost.
  • Large: $1.20, $1.80
  • Extra large: $1.80, $2.40
  • Oversize: $2.40, $3

For all of those, a KiwiStamp will pay for each 60c.

The free leaflet available at post shops lists many other items with the new or unchanged prices. Changes range from plus 25% to minus 4%. KiwiStamps are not stated to be available for them, but the parcel rates are all moved to multiples of 60c, which suggests that they may be.

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