On 20 September we went to the polls and by the end of the evening it was clear that the current National-led Government would be returned to office.

Parties and candidates were welcome to create pages on this wiki about themselves and their policies, subject to the rules about party advertising.

Results on the night:

National Party 60 (+1)

Labour Party 32 (-2)

Green Party 14 (~)

NZ First 11 (+3)

Māori 2 (-1)

United Future 1 (~)

ACT 1 (~)

Internet Mana (-) (-1)

Conservative and many other parties 0 (~)

Total 121 (~) - the standard number is 120, but United Future had an "overhang" by winning one electorate seat but qualifying for none on the basis of its party vote percentage.

Little or no change to the numbers is likely when special votes are counted, though in the past the Greens have notably gained a larger share from specials.

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