Aotearoa New ZealandEdit

a draft open-source supplementary national anthem


In the bonds of love we meet
In a spirit of fun we compete
We proudly celebrate each feat
and celebrate our free land
With the Anzac fighting corps
We've suffered shafts of strife and war
defending many a foreign shore
Aotearoa-New Zealand


Whatever your creed or race
You can come here to our place
You'll soon get used to our pace
And celebrate our free land
We will strive to free our state
From dissension, envy, hate
The ways we differ make us great
Aotearoa-New Zealand


Land and mountains, shores and sea
Shared among us carefully
Honouring te Tiriti
We celebrate our free land
Always learning from our past
In a world that's changing fast
Let's build a nation made to last
Aotearoa-New Zealand
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