Since the last significant update of this article, sadly the group has become dormant with the departure of two of its committee members.

Palmy Chicks, based in Palmerston North, is a unique social networking group with a strong community focus.


Since the launch in April 2007, membership has grown rapidly. Palmy Chicks has over 130 members and an average of five women join each week.

Members include women aged between 20 and 60, single mums, working mums, business owners, managers, decision-makers, teachers, administration professionals, event promoters, sports administrators, sales professionals, full-time mums, and more.


As well as creating an environment of social inclusion, Palmy Chicks provides a supportive network for the wider Manawatu community. Through the large and diverse member-base, they promote, support, enhance and assist with a range of community initiatives. Through regular communications, Palmy Chicks encourage members to offer support; whether this is their time, a monetary contribution, or even donating goods for a variety of local causes.

The benefits of Palmy Chicks to the Manawatu region include:

  • members enjoy socialising and meeting new people
  • for a very low cost our advertisers target their markets directly
  • Palmy Chicks builds regional pride in members by reminding them of why it’s great to live here, promoting what’s happening in the area and getting them involved in the action


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