Plimmerton public library, the smallest branch in the country, has operated in School Road for many years - yes, literally in the road, because the whole building is within the legal road boundaries.

But on 3 October 2007 the branch takes on a new lease of life in the supper room of the Plimmerton Pavilion. Official opening ceremony at 1pm.

Order of eventsEdit

  • Refreshments accompanied by the city's five-man Brass Ensemble (slightly delayed by the late arrival of one bandsman)
  • Her Worship the Mayor, Jenny Brash, spoke about the library history, going back even before the School Road building; she then placed the "Open" flag in its new slot
  • Brian Anderson spoke
  • Euan Dempsey spoke and was to "cut" the ribbon on the shelves, but economically untied the bow instead and detached the ends
  • Opening of shelves - attendees might have thought that the shelves were already open, but that was only half the story; readers will have to visit the library to understand the ensuing magnificence
  • Coffee, tea, and continued refreshments while the band played on
  • Eventually a book was taken out

Attendees included many of the volunteers who have staffed the library (one of whom had given 17 years of service) and several council and/or mayoralty candidates, everyone smiling. A very pleasant occasion.

The library has potential for becoming the "armchair of Plimmerton", a general meeting place, which could even be the scene of educational talks and seminars.

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