Hettinga Estate Winery
1024 Pakowhai Road
PO Box 577
Hawke's Bay
New Zealand


23 and 24 Apil 2011


Tony Chen


John Chen - 021 294 1308

Playing Conditions & Draws
1 hour each, 30 seconds byo-yomi. NZ rules apply (7 points komi)
5 round McMahon. Draws will be made based on the following rules
  1. No same two players shall meet more than once
  2. Players on the same score will be matched up in the next round where possible
  3. The draw will try to ensure that each player will get to play black 3 times or white 3 times
  4. Players from different cities will be matched up where possible

Each player’s McMahon starting score will be determined by the tournament organiser.

There are Dan and Kyu sections unless the number of entries is not sufficient. The Kyu section will have handicaps to ensure fair games.

Tie-breaking: A tournament winner shall be determined by SOS in the event of a tie.

Time Table

Saturday, 23th of April

9:00 - 11:30 Round 1 11:30 - 12:20 Lunch 12:20 - 2:50 Round 2 2:50 - 5:20 Round 3

Sunday, 24st of April

9:30 - 12:00 Round 4 12:00 - 12:50 Lunch 12:50 - 3:20 Round 5 3:25- 3:40 Prize Giving

We held a Go Party on the Saturday evening

Entry Fee: $20

Entry form

The 2nd Hawkes Bay Eastern Rock - Hettinga Go Tournament Entry Form

Complete and return to Tony Chen 0r John Chen - 021 294 1308 with the following details.

Family Name: ___________________________ First Name: _______________________________

E-mail Address: _______________________________ Telephone Number: ____________________

Playing Strength: ________ dan / kyu (delete either one)

If require airport pickup, time and date of arrival and flight number: ___________________________

I can bring the following number of go clocks _______

I need to be billeted on the following nights (tick box) Friday, 22/04 Saturday, 23/04

I enclose a cheque for $20, made payable to Hawkes Bay Go Club  or pay on arrival . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Du Shiyong

("Following last year's interesting event, this year's one will be more exciting as good moves on the board driven by the magic stuff from the bottle may create some wonderful games!")

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