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Mission statementEdit

The Waitati Edible Gardeners are a group dedicated to addressing the challenges of post peak oil and climate change by strengthening our community in the immediate future through food production, with emphasis on domestic-scale growing.


We aim to empower local people from the grass roots up to establish local food sovereignty or semi-autonomous food production.

Tool boxEdit

We use:

  • community networking
  • local knowledge
  • hands on learning
  • local/free natural resources
  • volunteered time and labour.

We provide:Edit

  • workshops
  • garden tours
  • market site for local barter and trade
  • support for the school kitchen garden
  • a network of local growers as a knowledge base/source who can be put in touch with people who need help
  • information updates, question and answers and planting calendar in the Blueskin News.
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